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  1. You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord! Repent and be baptized and believe the Gospel.

  2. Boxing thing calls 911

    Cop picked up the phone and said 911 what’s your emergency 🚨

  3. hammer punch, never seen one go sideways before tho. interesting. i guess its kind of like an elbow hit actually, but you use the fist?

    idk what to call it tbh. my mans is innovating out here

    1. none of these machines are accurate except the legit one the UFC has. which measure Ngannou as by far the highest.

    2. @Count Jewku Nah its mostly the placement of your fist and speed, I have boxed most of my life and i am a heavy hitter but my mate who doesnt know shit about boxing still got a higher score then me by running into that shit and punching the thing in a way that made it lock in quicker but that wouldnt be effective in a real fight.

    3. Got 977 with a hook and I don’t even box😂😂 it’s just technique and stance

  4. These machines are static and dont punch back. Good for practicing sucker punches I guess 👍

    1. S Sgff you can probs get max, I threw a hook and got 977 so I’m sure it’s possible

  5. Idkwhy some of you lot get gassed of it that one the guy used setting is on low

    1. @Altseason 2021 You can hold your fist in the correct position all you want, bone vs bone results in one bone breaking. Maby its yours, maby its his. Either way shit hurts. Yes you most certainly can break your fist with a correctly thrown punch. I softly punched smooth concrete to harden my knuckles to prevent that. Also Hammer punches are crazy powerful. Not as quick but the blow is horrendous. My dad was a boxer, martial artist and body builder. His favorite blow was a hammer fist. They wreck your shit, especially in the ribs or kidneys. Oof

    2. @Mikk Mägi Did you ever fight man? You can’t possibly be thinking that you’re gonna break your knuckles, that only happens if you don’t know how to punch and how to hold your hand….

    3. Chase Potter And I can tell you think you can fight. You wont punch someone that is so close to you, there is no power to it, it all depends, so instead of stepping back and giving a straight punch or a hook (which will, in a real fight possibly fuck up your knuckles, now youre fighting with broken knuckles), I can use a hammer blow. Also, on ground in guard, hammer chops are way more effective than punching someone. Tired of boxing fans who dont understand what is some weak points of boxing. Even boxers use hammer blows, all depending on the situation.

    4. Chase Potter Why would you not hit someone like that? You just cant say hit normally without defining what that means. Id chop like that in a fight if necessary.

  6. 22) Great. I like what you do. I give you a like. valuesandarts.webcindario.com/products/sportsgamesandmartialarts/windhand.html

  7. Remember folks: its not how hard you can throw it, its how hard you can take it. I can take a lot more than I can give, so Ill let my stamina win the fight:)

    1. your stamina wont mean anything when you get knocked out in 30 sec from a hard punch xD.

    2. @Kool-Aid Man Adrenaline is a helluva drug. I believe stamina is more a determining factor in surviving. And notice though I may disagree with you, I give your comment a like anyway because at least youre willing to have the conversation. Thanks.

    3. If you’d actually take a punch in the mouth from someone who knows what they’re doing you’d reassess your statement real quick.
      It is how hard you throw it as well. You dont wanna drag out all your fights and give yourself CTE from all the damage you absorb. You think you can take it, your brain probably would beg to differ.

  8. First watch I was like “nah… that machines broken” lol but then looking at it again, he did smack that one thing pretty good.

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