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  1. My friend and I went tonight. We werent impressed at all. Wont be going back

  2. You just know these Execs have their people combing these comments, and are flipping out, and losing their shit at the reactions to them. Virgin Hotel/Casino is already circling the drain and theyve only been open a week! Lol… This is the kind of Bullshit Vegas DOESNT need! Realize who your market is: NOT who you wish it was! THE ARROGANCE! Time to take your medicine! Lmao!

    1. @CrawfishBoil for sure. I will be doing a follow up video so stay tuned.

    2. ​@Not Leaving Las Vegas – a Vegas Video Channel Thank you for your reply. You have got to believe that (at the very least) some of their people are aware that you, along with the other Vegas vloggers exist, and have shared your experience(s) regarding their Grand Opening. Their PR department probably instructed their junior personnel to go online and look for feedback at all levels, and report what they are seeing/hearing. Your situation aside, It really did look like a hot mess, and I wasnt impressed.

    3. I wonder for sure if they are looking at them

  3. Hard rock had personality & fun, the circle bars were a great place for drinks- now its bland & hard to get a drink- prob wont be going back

  4. Nice casino but prices without resort fees are higher than strip hotels. Also bad neighborhood. Hard rock had all of the rock memorabilia. Hate to say don’t see this shinny penny lasting long

  5. I was there opening night and I have to say I wasnt very impressed. I just wanted to check it out but I will definitely NOT be going back. There is nothing at this property that makes you need or want to be there. Stick to the strip or Fremont my peeps!

  6. Cant believe that happened to you. I was very underwhelmed by video I saw of the opening and the very basic lacklustre rooms. There is nothing there that would entice me to stay there.

  7. Wanted your Facebook to use the WIFI included in your stay?!
    Uh…. no!

  8. Thanks for the great info! Now I know not to waste any of my time going to Virgin. I thought it might be kinda cool to check out. too bad they have such ridiculous policies.

  9. Does anyone remember when the Hard Rock used to have a free shuttle to the strip? I feel like that could help Virgin a lot…even if the area was safe it is simply just too far of a walk from the strip and even if ubers become easy to get again the cost does add up.

  10. I stayed at old hard rock had a suite. The room next door had a stripper pole in it…lol

  11. I was in the hotel business for over 30 years. The kiss of death is opening a hotel before it is ready.

  12. Virgin America great airline so bummed it got sold!! All my flights on Alaska since they took over (4) there has been some kind of a problem,and no help from customer service even though I,ve been with Alaska mileage member since 93. Hope the hotel and casino are as good as the airline.

  13. I actually showed my dad a room tour of the hard rock rooms and then i showed him the virgin rooms and he said the new ones look better. (Probably because theres a shower in the bathroom) sorry to hear what happened to you tho.

  14. For me to visit, let alone even consider staying at at offstrip hotel, there had better be something unique and interesting about it. This hotel looks so generic. It’s not horrible or anything but the room looks like it could be from any city in the US really. Not having soap, or fully working amenities doesn’t help and the fact they treat vloggers like that does not inspire me to want to visit. If a hotel was not super interesting appearance or location wise, but they had a reputation of being really warm, friendly and providing a unique, fun or luxurious experience, that alone would make me curious to come check them out. They totally missed some golden opportunities here. Sorry you were treated this way, but thank you for still sharing.

  15. Anybody really admit they stayed at a Virgin Hotel? Where is the Celibate Hotel? 😉

  16. Thanks for sharing. I just canceled my 5-night reservation there for May 10th because of this.

  17. Bad neighborhood no joke haha. Harbour Island and the entrance to underground world right next door.

  18. Not worth the price tag your paying for name branding a bad a Las Vegas hollyhood bas area better options elsewhere in vegas and same entertainment also its a pass for me when I take my 1st trip to vegas just saying maybe someone digs this but its a no from me on this no smash indeed.

  19. They shit on All you can Vegas to, and hes as easy going and positive as they get…crazy.

  20. The thing about the Hard Rock in the early 2000s wasnt the location, or the casino, it was the pool and the bars. I remember when they installed a web cam, that was user controlled, at home, so I would check out the babes lounging poolside. Ah, those were magical days.

  21. I was already hesitant to check this out because of the video from MTM. The way they treated you wasn’t cool, I’m out. It already looks like a cheap attempt at being retro cool.

    1. To be fair mgm charges resort fees and virgin does not

  22. Since they treated you so poorly they will not be seeing me any time soon. I have been coming to Vegas for 30 years and its all about the ViBE. Since they were assholes I say no thanks…. Ill spend my money elsewhere.

  23. What about all the different slot playing channels? There are many. They live stream inside the casinos all the time hoping to film a jackpot.

  24. Sadly not impressed. Off strip Ive been to few hotels currently my favorite is the Red Rock. In the past the Palms. Absent a great pool area not really seeing the appeal. Disappointing since I really Branson would knock it out of the park. Oh well

  25. I use to love staying at the Hard Rock Vegas in the past, and I am Diamond with Caesars.
    I am going to give the new Virgin a try in May….I definitely hope they have the kinks worked out, by then.

  26. My opinion is when you try to cater to all taste and everybody you will at best Get average results . it may seem inclusive to write swag on the wall but what is the negative image that word represents ? Also I dont feel the energy of gambling in this place . lots of gamblers believe in non sense or fantasy to help them win money. Some of that stuff is cultural to specific groups by not including these small details people like my Vietnamese cousin will play one time and never come back .ive watched 5 videos on the new virgin property and it feels more like a millenial designed shopping mall then a house of gambling and ill refute .

  27. Stayed at The Hard Rock when Howard Stern broadcasted from there and had a blast. Ate at Nobu, rehab at the pool, those were the days. If I can’t bring a cooler, as I stated before I will never set foot in there.

  28. Zero interest in this property. Maybe a pretty vlog and good report might have sparked some, but alas it was not to be. I am definitely the type of guest they want, but why would I come here when there is a much warmer welcome elsewhere?

  29. Nah Virgin made their own bed on that one. I won’t attend to their casino if the staff, security, and owners can’t grow up. The weirdness of their rules and giving a room free but then after making the person pay for it because he didnt play enough is a very juvenile thing to do. I wouldn’t doubt that they have screwed quite a few people over this time.

    I don’t think they will last and i am sure that owners or companies that own that will flip it to other companies. Bad ethics and practices, they won’t do to well and i believe they will easily be overshadowed

  30. Thank you! I have a 21×9 or whatever ratio phone screen and this video fits it perfectly! Thanks!

  31. I could see the changes. Cheesy. All set. Thanks for saving me a trip thru. Id rather visit a Burger King bathroom.

  32. So, all these problems are due to an Indian tribe, who has a near monopoly for their tribal casino. They are not used to competition or having anything different, on their sovereign land.

    1. Epidemic sound is a member site where as long as you’re paying you can use them in videos. Great music there.

    1. Yes it is the first one on the YouTubes… and I think the entire internet!

  33. I don’t get why you got kicked out. I watched almost a three hour live streamer from another Vlogger and during that live stream I saw many other vloggers streaming. It just doesn’t seem fair. And I’m sure security passed the other vloggers filming. All you can Vegas was also told to stop filming at the sushi restaurant. So sorry this happened to you.

  34. First hotel I stayed at in Vegas in 1996 for work. Had never seen so many women in black cocktail dresses in one place before.

  35. I think they will aim at the UK market and price it competitively on their own holidays. Won’t be booking it though.

  36. That neighborhood is bad. Halloween Fetish & Fantasy ball used to be held at Hard Rock (pre-covid). I wonder if Virgin will allow that kind of a crowd on their property?

  37. looks good but them tossing you when others were allowed to film there was wrong. no interest in staying there but will drop by during the day

  38. I was under the impression that this hotel was run by Hilton, and just branded as Virgin Whats the deal with the pool – seems to me like they have plenty of time to ensure it was ready prior to opening.

  39. You were told there is a no filming policy while nearly a dozen other vloggers livestream the entire event and their “tour” of the property.
    However, I bet you any amount that Brian Christopher will have a live slot play and group pull there within 45 days.
    Seeing Derek and his wife from AYCV getting asked to leave for filming while others were allowed to treat the property like every other property they feature on their channels just reiterates the fact that Virgin is clearly trying to control press about its new property, even on social media and YouTube.
    They are clearly another property opening before they are ready (No soap, no pool). I’m sure part of the no filming policy comes from them, just like Cosmo, not wanting their property featured in adult films (which is an occurrence that appears to be on the rise). But at the end of the day, if it’s a policy, enforce it equally, if they don’t, they should be prepared for the fall out.

  40. Fck Virgin Las Vegas. I hope never to set foot in that place. The Hard Rock Hotel was my go-to spot nearly since it opened. Despite HRH’s problems in the last few years I always made a point of either staying there or just hanging out for a couple hours gambling or partying. I live in Long Beach Ca. I’ve made many trips to HRH, mostly alone, and an escape. I’d then walk the short distance to the Double Down Saloon after many concerts at HRS’ Joint. I saw another vid of how the opening at this Virgin was a mess. Good. Me bitter? Yes. We stayed at the Hard Rock days before it closed its doors for good. We saw the very last band to play the HRH @ Vinyl. It was The Growlers. It was great. Can’t believe with new Hard Rock Hotels opening in new cities around the world the “entertainment capital of the world” is without a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

  41. Really liked this video!! Hate the favoritism that happened on that opening day… keep doing you Steven! 👌😎

  42. You the man Steven. Wanted to see it, did, and don’t need to anymore..unless I come back.

  43. He’s ‘befuddled’ others were filming, too hard to imagine they could be working and or allowing certain channels to get content but not yours? Whoa? Mind blowing. Casinos allow film crews , tv productions inside etc and dotn have to allow you.

  44. They want to portray this trend atmosphere, but it’s usually it’s just about money. Pathetic. Does not work in Vegas….Go back to London.

  45. It’s all about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, by you publishing videos, you’re breaking the rule… maybe catching someone that should not be with someone they shouldn’t be with….loosing everything in a costly divorce.

  46. Here’s the thing.. MOHEGAN SUN .. in CT.. is INDIAN OWNED .. so everything they get is a PROFIT.. they DO NOT pay taxes they DO NOT pay many things.. SO with that being said .. I was at the “GRAND OPENING”…Steven you actually passed me at one point… I was not impressed AT ALL.. that front bar was amazing and then it was like a BLANK SLATE…you don’t open a HOTEL.. unless the POOL IS DONE.. it’s 80 degrees NOW.. HELLO.. WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING.. YOUR VIRGIN HOTEL… BRING IN VIRGIN RECORDS HAVE GOOD ENTERTAINMENT…have PERKS for the first 100 people coming in to which I was one. … WHEN YOU GET A PLAYERS CARD.. GIVE SOMETHING FOR THE GRAND OPENING and 170 for a room in that area? Are they kidding ME🤣.. I passed it on Monday it was D E A D .. they are LOSING BUSINESS.. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. VIRGIN will go down fast!

  47. This looks to be an overflow sort of hotel for when no rooms are available on the strip. Id have to go stay on the strip when visiting for thats where the action is and with no need to walk through sketchy areas. $170 seems a bit high. When I went in 2014, rooms were much cheap despite the resort fees.

  48. The Virgin brand started with a small record (vinyl back then) store opposite the Tottenham Court Road Tube station on Oxford street upstairs in an old building in London early seventies. They had discounted prices so as I was poor I shopped their for my classic/ prog rock albums. Well, I had to return and replace many LPs until I decided it wasn’t worth the lower price and went back to my local record shop. Since then I’ve not liked the Virgin brand, sorry Mr Branson.

  49. Probably something to do with the fact recording in casinos in general is frowned upon for a myriad of reasons.

  50. The no video thing comes from several positions at casinos. One, the tradition is that no photo or video was to protect the amenity of the customers. Two, what several poker bloggers were advised is that even if the vlogger has only positive intentions, these properties want control over the message and the marketing of the property.

  51. Dude Bloggers arent royalty and most are annoying and entitled and big headed. Why keep filming if you were told once not to? 🙄

  52. For where the location of Virgin Hotel is I would think they would want some good advertisement and reviews to get more ppl through the door.

  53. Perhaps if you can shoot in 4K you can get a microphone dead cat for filming in windy conditions.

    1. you might watch my channel and livestreams. I had the mic but this was impromptu. If i did a video showing just my cameras it would be boring and long. I have a lot of gear, but sometimes you get caught without it.
      Also, you can buy a used android phone for less than $100 that shoots 4k, so there is that.

  54. I m sorry that happened to you!! You did a great job with this video and handling that situation! Just 1 thing Vegas will never lose it s tourists….Everyone I ever met there loves it as much as I do.

  55. I have no plans on stepping foot or staying in this this property, not a chance Ill be giving them any action. And I usually play heavy. I support Not Leaving Las Vegas
    Ill stick to my go to properties
    1. Wynn/Encore
    2. Vdara/Aria
    3. Caesars.
    4. Cosmo

    To Virgin Hotels. Stay Virgin.

    1. aww shucks thanks! Do not do that just for me though. I am not telling anyone what to do directly, that would get me in hot water.

  56. Me and my Girlfriend Vlogged and Toured this Hotel with no issues a couple days ago,… Much Love from 👯‍♀️SINCITYFAMILY👯‍♀️

  57. It is RIDICULOUS that you were asked to stop filming. One, it is discriminatory (arbitrary) because other channels filmed. Why were you singled out? I would file a complaint with the city and county for overt discrimination and force them to justify their actions. At least you would get a documented explanation from Virgin plus a strike against them for not being consistent in the use of their own policy.💪🏽

  58. You took the high road on this Steven. Thats a credit to you. It never ceases to amaze me how places like this dont understand bloggers are there to help promote their property. First impressions are important, and in this case, they dropped the ball.

  59. You have to respect their property rules you are a guest and if the security says no dont be stupid grow up and respect the properties rules if they say NO then NO is NO. I would love to stay there the room is nice and I am going to be in Las Vegas in 48hrs! I cant wait.

  60. What I remember about the Hard Rock was it was the first club-style pool with djs and paying for a place to put your towel. Also, the poker games way back were pretty juicy with all the young guys with cash that thought they were the next Money Maker in the early 2000s.

  61. You’re just salty because you got kicked out while the good streamers didn’t

  62. I just booked xmas-new years in Vegas (Im optimistic) and I totally forgot about this place. I saw nothing of it when I was searching, though since its off the strip I probably wouldnt have considered it, I certainly wont for the future. . Room looked fine, but there are so many other options in Vegas that offer great rooms and service. If they cant be friendly to bloggers and vloggers at their debut, how will they treat guests 6 months from now? Virgin just isnt a brand I associate with Vegas and in my opinion, theyve botched this. I can overlook the pool thing, its still a bit early I guess, but not having retail etc completely ready to go was a misstep especially considering the location. The beauty of Vegas for me is that I have many options for dining and entertainment within walking distance. I suppose though, if all I wanted were strip clubs this is well located. Oh well.

  63. Just do the videos.. not EVERY single video has to be include pleading for subscription or give me money

  64. Looks very nice. However…a property off strip really needs to be well above and beyond to attract people. There are very nice hotels on the Strip… Nicer than Virgin. Resorts World is much more exciting to me and much more accessible. Truthfully Hard Rock had more reasons to take the trip over there… And it is gone. I visited (and stayed) there once and decided never again. Nothing wrong… Just too far from the Strip or Downtown. I may visit once here too. Perhaps the airline association will help. I dont think so, though.

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