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Originalmente se tenía previsto realizar una serie de TV basada en el personaje, proyecto que no prosperó. El papel de James Bond recayó en el actor estadounidense Barry Nelson. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Chica Bond: Linda Christian Casino Royale o Climax:Casino Royale telefilmes la primera adaptación a la pantalla de la novela de Ian Fleming,Casino Royale con autorización del autor en la casino royal 1954 descargar torrent aparece el personaje James Bond en este telefilm en blanco y negro.

La última película de James Bond ya se puede descargar en BitTorrent |

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Pero lo que desconoce Bond es que su viejo amor Valerie Mathis trabaja ahora para Le Chiffre, y que éste se encuentra al tanto de la operación. Aquí va el trailer de la película: Próximamente: Agente contra el Dr. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

No Linda Christian. Furioso, Le Chiffre le tiende una trampa a Bond, y junto con Mathis son encerrados en su habitación de hotel, donde el espía procede a torturar al jugador hasta recuperar el dinero perdido casino royal 1954 descargar torrent la partida. Pero inesperadamente Bond recibe dinero extra y opta por ganar la partida. En el rol del villano Le Chiffre esta el casino royal 1954 descargar torrent actor Peter Lorre. Necessary Siempre activado Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function casino royal 1954 descargar torrent.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. These cookies do not store any personal information. Le Chiffre ha cometido varios errores financieros, y esperan quebrarlo económicamente en una muy fuerte partida de Baccarat.

Simulando que Mathis ha sido secuestrada y chantajeando a Bond, le exigen que pierda el partido y que Le Chiffre se quede con los fondos de los servicios secretos. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

Éste es un episodio de una hora de la serie «Climax!.

101 thoughts to “Casino royal 1954 descargar torrent”

  1. I remember being n a discovering Bond kick when I was a pre teen, I saw this VHS cover and it said James Bond so I’d figure I’d give it a go… most boring Friday night. As a 11 year old this was the most boring movie. As an adult, I appreciate its value and Peter Lorre, but still quite forgettable

  2. It would have been better if Barry Nelson had played Felix Leiter and Michael Pate played Bond. Not only would it have been more authentic to the story, but Pate was frankly the better fit for the role.

    1. Agreed, he comes across as quite suave whereas Nelson seems a little well wooden.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, Michael Pate would have made a great bond. Very serious fellow.

  3. Rest in peace to sean connery, no disrespects but Barry Nelsons James Bond is the original depiction of James Bond. Sort of like a pilot episode of a television show, before all the characters are developed, but a original depiction nonetheless. Rest in peace Mr Barry Nelson.

    1. Broccolis pick for James Bond = George Lazenby is the best Bond. Hands down. Besides, Bonds not a Yank.

  4. Lol all the James Bond fanboys hating on this excellent piece of history, even if Bond is an American here.

    1. @I Know Everything
      Its an old tv show. Its kind of funny to imagine it having the weight of an important peace treaty or something.

  5. He will KEEL youoh is that so?He will KEEL youBut..He will KEEL youI… He will KEEL you     So laughable. What was Ian Fleming thinking when he agreed to this?

    1. Being a live broadcast, I tend to think that SOMEBODY forgot their line there… in the attitude of if I keep repeating the cue line, maybe he will remember HIS lines…

  6. Mr.Lorre was excellent for part. Next time I am in a hotel with a room number plate I will put a dollar bill behind it with a edge sticking out.

    1. @henok ghebreghergis there was no James Bond Franchise when this got made, laser brain.

    2. Agreed. This is not accurately how a franchise or a movie like this should go.

  7. I know Barry was the first James Bond, but this early version lacked excitement for me. Very fair.

  8. 2:52 is possibly the worst part of this whole farce. Ive seen puppets act more realistically and natural. This Nelson fella had absolutely zero charisma

  9. This is a real disservice to the Bond franchise. All it does is strip the nationalities of these two significant characters in the history of literature and turn them into complete continental jokesters. I know it was approriate for the 1950s sensibilities, but come on.

    1. @henok ghebreghergis Thats what happens with these crappy wireless keyboards.

    2. @henok ghebreghergis How was that his issue he was miscast? Get out here, brainlet.

    3. @I Know Everything Because Barry was a idiot so he didnt wise up, quite frankly.

  10. Always hated that name Jimmy Bond.  WTF  And whats with Bonds turkey neck?

  11. My name is Bond. Jimmy Bond. I found this episode looking up the actress Linda Christian after seeing her in the Devils Doll movie.

    1. Only one time was he jimmy bond. Hes been james bond since 1962 which is the good old days, not new days

    1. Lmao this and the 2006 casino royals were created in two completed different era’s of cinema. However that’s just your opinion

  12. funny to see the weird effect they had to get onto the area of the film with the cards so that you can actually read them in the lights

  13. I can now see where Hitchcock got a lot of his inspiration for North By Northwest!

  14. no such thing as beautifulx or cruelx or watchx or lose or usex etc, girx doesn tmatter

  15. Peter Lorre makes a good Bond adversary and makes this worth watching. Linda Christian was a good choice as well. Good thing Sean Connery came along to be Bond.

  16. This is the best quality upload of this lost gem I have ever found. Its a pity its the shorter version, with the last 3 minutes missing. Those final moments were found and restored to later versions. I hope Im not coming across as being negative about this upload, I just regret the fact that its not the restored version. Now if you could get your hands on that…. In the meantime, I am genuinely grateful for this, so thank you.

  17. This gem from long ago is also on the 2002 CASINO ROYALE (1967) DVD as a bonus feature, from a very good kinescope print. And, its complete.

  18. I had always heard about this as mostly a curiosity but it was good. An American James Bond (Barry Nelson from the Shining), a British Leiter and the great Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre. Its pretty intense for the 1950s with the core baccarat and torture story intact.

  19. This is amazing. Honestly the flippant but good natured Bond I like better than downer Craig

  20. I gambled at the Monti Carlo House. My friend walked away with $1500.00. He promptly went back to the ship and sent a money order to his wife. Me? I lost $200.00.. Peter has put on some weight

  21. Such an awkward Bond, such a charming Bond girl and such an absorbing Le Chiffre!

  22. This deserves a “Fan Edit” to add the music from Eon films and the opening effects with the gun barrel, and a version with a deep fake of Connery’s face and voice would be excellent. And of course, swap the audio clips of the introduction to Leiter and Bond so that represent the correct countries.

  23. As I watch this for the first time, I can say without a doubt there is so much wrong going on here and theres a lot missing. My biggest gripe is the actor playing Bond and the fact they made Bond American when hes supposed to be British. Of course, Im so used to seeing gadgets in action, Q branch, fight scenes, etc.

    1. And no, he aint Sean Connery. This is a stupid version of the book, to me personally.

    1. Mr. Lorre brings a lot of secret agent screen experience. Check out Secret Agent directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

    2. Im not complaining Peter Lorre sucks in this, only that its a lousy version with no soul.

  24. It seems ridiculous that this entire plot is based upon a card game that is 100% chance. What skill is involved in this? None.

    1. @Kali Well if they make Bond an American, theyll have to make his allied counterpart British.

    2. Anytown, U.S.As suavest spy, Jimmy Bond. Every guy wants to be his pal and every girl wants to be his gal, but sorry ladies, hes going steady with a little lady called Liberty.

    1. There wasnt a Bond character at that time, other than in Flemings book. The actor (Barry Nelson) had never read the book, and made up the character the best he was able to do without any background knowledge of it.

      Poor characterization in comparison to the Bond movies, but at the time… not too bad, and the ONLY representation of Bond on screen for another 8 years!

  25. Whenever I re-read Flemings novel, I always see and hear Peter Lorre in the role of Le Chiffre.
    And the bathtub was infinitely preferable to the carpet beater.

  26. I hate how Mathis is always changed drastically in all adaptations! Mathis is amazing in the book

  27. And to think… everything Bond since then built upon this very basic, undeveloped characterization of the hero.

    Thank you for sharing this. An interesting chapter in the Ian Fleming story.

  28. Who’d have thought the first visual Bond story was an American TV episode.

  29. Wheres the part where he ties him to a chair and smacks him in the balls???🤷

  30. parece tan cojudo como moises el hebreo parallegar a una pista y tan cojudo por una pista por ver que esto no fue suicididio

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