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Usar dicho terminal abre la puerta oculta, haciendo que los Securitrones que vigilan la habitación se vuelvan hostiles. El Lucky 38 se quedó en silencio y durante casi dos siglos permaneció inactivo entre las ruinas de Las Vegas.

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El objeto tiene un valor de 10 chapas por fajo y se ve afectado por la habilidad de Trueque del jugador. Los acompañantes dan extras y también comida. Todos los contenedores de almacenamiento dentro de esta planta son seguros. Todas pueden ser usadas y convertirlas unas por casino de Fallout 3 en los diferentes casinos. Esto incluye coger objetos de contenedores.

Fue lanzado en mayo de en junio para PS3.

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Durante su viaje, es asaltado por un grupo de mercenarios liderados por un misterioso personaje, el cual, le roba el casino de Fallout 3 del paquete: un chip de platino con forma de ficha de póker. Consigue un compañero y entra al Lucky 38 y dile “Nuestros caminos se separan aquí. El edificio casino de Fallout 3 asemeja al hotel y casino de la vida real Stratosphere Las Vegas y a la torre Space Needleasí como al ahora demolido hotel y casino The Landmark Hotel and Casino sitio en inglés.

Afiches de antes de la guerra del lucky 38 tienen el eslogan: “Take her for a spin! Umbral de daño[ editar ] Este valor indica la resistencia de las armaduras o corazas a los ataques que recibe. Dentro hay dos securitrones.

Dado que los hologramas en el Casino Sierra Madre fueron programados antes de la guerra, ellos todavía utilizan el dinero de antes de la guerra como moneda principal de intercambio.

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Cuando se dispara a las puertas del Casino de Fallout 3 38, hacen el mismo ruido que al disparar a un vidrio. En la suite presidencial, hay una mesa de billar con 5 bolas de billar dispuestas en forma de una flecha. Fue lanzado en julio de Usos En ambos juegos, la utilidad primaria del dinero de antes de la guerra es como un objeto comercial, debido a que no tiene peso y su valor es relativamente alto.

House es asesinado o incapacitado. House, el terminal requiere una habilidad de Ciencia de 75, la ficha de platinoo la tarjeta de acceso VIP para poder casino de Fallout 3. Con los materiales y el nivel de Reparación o Ciencia necesarios, el jugador puede crear su propia munición en bancos de recarga, o recargar su munición de energía en bancos de trabajo..

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  1. Theres a number of solutions other than whats presented. Harolds primary complaint is boredom, This is a relatively simple thing to remedy, even if only long enough for any of the scientists you meet, are mentioned, or would be brought in to study and try to recreate or preserve his plants after death. Fresh lumbar would be such a valuable resource that they could hire a score of performers to put on constant shows for him.

    Personally, I run into an issue with him being the only source of actually living plant life. Plant life isnt nice to have, its necessary. Not just for oxygen, either, plant life allows for insects and small game to grow which is a primary part of the food chain. We also dont know if hes immune to radiation or if he absorbs it, which both have crazy implications and uses.

    Is it right to enslave one person, or a small group of people, to better the lives of a larger population? No, thats evil. Is it right to enslave one person, or a small group of them, to prevent the death of our species? Gonna have to say it is.

    They dont offer any other real long term solution to the problem presented. They dont even offer a short term solution to the problem that nothing can grow

  2. Funny Thing is, Nobody seems to question If the liminent will really work. Yes, Laurel says it does, but how can we know for sure?

  3. Destroying the heart doesnt destroy Bob. This option might be good for the floral health of the capital wasteland while also setting Harold free.

  4. Help him grow bigger. console him. explain his predicament to those that will listen. Grt that man-tree-thing a radio

  5. If you actually role-play in an RPG, the character determines every situations outcome, not the player.
    You still dont get it. Despite my previous comment about this subject regarding your Fallout 4 content, years ago.
    Worse still, you continue to influence other people who also lack basic comprehension of role-playing.

  6. In FO3 all Id do is hacking slashing and chopping that meat. And then when I met Harold he was actually the first character I genuinely cared about. I mean sure just killing was kinda fun. Even though it made the game harder. Three Dog constantly reminding me of what I did. Then I killed him and met her. The engineer that is. 😐

  7. I couldnt kill him, in my opinion the Lone Wanderer already sacrificed so much for project purity he would probably want to see things grow. But I can definitely see why that choice is unethical by taking away his personal freedoms. I just hoped that people treated him better in the future, with the sapling kid being his best friend.

  8. Why do you care so much about the ethics of a game? Id just shoot whatever I want to shoot

  9. Lol when I saw Harold I thought he was cool and looked neet, but right when he said he wanted to die I knew it had to be done.

  10. I think all three are reasonable choices. Personally I think siding with Birch is the best option. Harold Lives and can Still be there for Yew and The Wastes(in a way), The Treeminders keep their community together and arguably safer than Laurels expansion plan, and they can still provide seeds/saplings to the Capital Wasteland in exchange for goods and services like say a radio for Harold. Or some books for him and yew to share. Ultimately Harold can be convinced that living is a good thing, even in his immobilized state. So I personally dont mind choosing a living harold option.

  11. Man this is seriously a master class in the ability of videogames to create untapped experiences compared to other mediums. Its a genius quest.

  12. Damn,This is so deep,I couldnt choose a discission.Killing him doesnt only Hurt the Tree minders but my morality,But putting him as a Slave is much more worse,So I Do agree with Oxhorn but Hurts my morality,I know its only game but imagine if were real?

  13. The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

    1. I mean, I agree, but I also feel like whoever would say that is likely to then say something completely deranged that I would disagree with strongly.

  14. To me, there is a difference between enslaving a minority of the people only to increase production and enslaving a singular person to LITERALLY SAVE THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE(also other animals too). To me there is a very clear distinction between the two.

  15. Helping a depressed man commit suicide isnt moral, no matter the strange circumstances.

  16. My real concern is If you cut the other trees, does Harold feel it? if the answer is yes then just kill him, but if it´s a no I think I would go with Laurel and headcanon the Lone Wanderer visit Harold to tell him stories and if Harold STILL wants to die then he finally fulfill his wish

  17. The only reason I did this mission was to get the barkskin perk that you get for destroying Harolds heart

  18. Id rather wait for a group akin to the Institute (less evil of course) to figure out how to bring the wasteland back to life then condemn Harold to eternal suffering.

  19. Ending Harold life is a good will as many pepole would Want the same same thing if they went true the same thing as him

  20. Yes but actually no because I just realise if there is no trees in the world it’s got me running pretty low on oxygen which is a slight problem

  21. No matter what your choice in this is (except burning him down obviously) youll always do something that is kinda wrong and kinda right at the same time.
    My choice was and always will be to expand the Oasis and I do hope that after a century of growing someone else will do what I did not.

  22. This is difficult to answer. I mean I would want the best for the world, but I understand Harold as well. Imagine living many years. All the people youve known and loved all died. Constantly moving from coast to coast. I doubt that is easy to carry. Take biblical Cain for example. Or biblical Jesus.

    I do wonder though if we will see Harold again. Fallout online before being canceled seem to hint that Harold can be any of the plants he creates.

  23. I remember completing all the dlcs in fallout 3 on ps3 those were the good days

  24. I also made the choice to kill Harold. Since Harold was the person I talked to first I was ready to help end the suffering he was in. Explaining how he can’t sleep and being stuck there for many decades just makes me really want to help.

    Then I was presented with more options…my choice still stands. I don’t want him to suffer and I thought in the long run that since the Oasis is not much of a secret anymore someone else will discover the Oasis and idk if they’re going to be nice or bad.

    Sides’ this is our planet, Earth. Life will always find a way to grow. It will just take a long time but it willget there ^_^

  25. By not forcing him to serve you are only showing that you don’t have the will to be the one who damns themselves to “hell” for the betterment of all. Killing him is self serving and weak.

  26. I think you should let him grow faster it may be bad but at least he will know he died a hero I guess

  27. I agree that destroying his heart its the best but i believe that perk it gaves its actually a clue that the lone wanderer will turn himself into a tree just like Harold in the future. The cycle will repeat

  28. This is the classic dilemma of euthanasia that a lot of nurses face.

    Honestly, the patient has rights and Harold has the right to die if he wants to. His life is torture.

    The greater good doesnt apply. The patients rights take priority over anyone elses desire.

  29. if he really is immortal then in the future theyll probably be able to cure him, then hell be just an immortal mutant that saved the wasteland so Id side with laural and then give him lots of entertainment

  30. Its not wrong, the man has lived two full lifetimes in one spot, death would be a gift. Having said that, I always strengthen his heart, his soldier seed program is what will bring the land back to life.

  31. I would follow what the individual wants for himself than what two other individuals want for that individual.

  32. Another thing is even if you keep Harold from growing. It’s still seems possible for the pods full of seeds to be taken around by hand. I mean if they have caravans coming by, they could take the pods on their journey and just toss em around like grenades.

  33. right now im in front of Harold, and i came here to decide what to do… probably making his seeds spread all over the wasteland is the best thing to do even if he is not very happy about staying alive… but hey, he doesnt become immortal, right? maybe, evenyually, he will die anyway, how knows…

  34. Spare him make him grow faster and afterwards convince him afterwards because you said after you make your choice you can convince afterwards I couldn’t make this decision in real life I could only make a decision like this in a game I’m sorry Harold

  35. It would be cruel to let Harold suffer, but it would be even crueller to let the people of the wasteland suffer when you can turn their world into a forest full of food and other resources, people would stop fighting for survival and instead theyd focus on rebuild

  36. It always hurts me how limited bethesda dialogue can be, but on the flip side the limited options makes dilemmas so much more fun and interesting to debate.

    1. They dont though. The dilemma could be just as or even more complex AND be well-written.
      For example, maybe despite talking him through everything, hed still want death.

  37. I feel like if you had someone read to him, play some music, and play chess with he’d be less suicidal. Plus he’d be saving the world.

    1. @Ian Reynolds have you even been paying attention to the video and plus from the way he talks and his frequent coughing its obvious that hes in pain

    2. @Tentedkarma 746 he’s not in pain he’s anchored to one position and is paralyzed. Allowing his gift to spread along with the water purification system would help restore the world.

  38. Maybe

    Just maybe
    It isnt the tree that makes him immortal
    Maybe its the ghoulification

  39. Though the fact that he is so willingly to care about these people, you claim as slave owners. Yea tbh honestly the ethical thing to do is to talk to the cultists and convince them not us that they need to convey that they care better. Cause like the kid who is his (that harold mentions) best friend, he still mentions her. The shame its not a dialog option is beside the point. Thats the devs choice to give you a delima you can barely control. He has a reason to live and you can give it to him. The problem is the npcs look at him as a messiah and not a man like the kid. You bare
    barely gauge that npcs personality. Just that hes suicidal and he as an individual deserves what hes telling you. He told you as an omniscient player he wants to live to. Why would you rule out in any humane terms changing the surroundings rather than accepting the paths given to you? Ffs this is not rocket science its giving more a shit about harold. With this opinion I just listened to, hes just as lonely as if you burned him. I apologize for being so crass, but the bigger picture thing doesnt matter when that is dictated by dialogue pathing. It could go still either way we wouldnt know without a bigger analysis.

  40. I wonder why we can’t kill Harold, without killing the tree. I get that they are pretty intertwined. But the tree originally started out as a separate thing growing on him. I don’t know why he can’t die and the tree continues to grow.

  41. Well with those healthy trees growing, eventually they would probably produce healthy seeds without Harold; maybe even sooner than expected. After all in biology plants and animals adapt to their environment to survive grow, just look at how plants grow through concrete. The healthy plants pollen might mix with the radiated plants making them stronger and healthier. Life will find a way. As for the treeminders they’ll probably be fine, they can make deals with outsiders for protection from raiders, say you protect us and you get to live here.

    1. Also you can even take cutting from plants to grow new ones. There’s a few ways to do it. You could cut off a small piece from a branch and get it to root. Or cut a notch into said branch piece and clasp a soil compacted pod around it. With some time you could graft other plants cuttings to roots.

  42. I think if you keep him alive and growing the forest more its perhaps decently ok since the Lone Wanderer sacrifices his or herself for Project Purity which shows that sometimes we need to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good? 😔

  43. Its a tough choice yes but when you said that one of the people saying if they make harold spread more and more faster there gonna get attacked and be known in all the vast wastelands so that means choose to keep him alive sooner or later the will raid the base and kill harold or maybe keep him but for his sake kill him

  44. Id tell him that the people of the wasteland are suffering from ignorant ancestors and that if he were moving around would he rather have people suffering and killing each other or to help humanity as a whole and help a step closer to restoring the life they lost especially with raiders and monsters

  45. The comment section is wild on this. The one thing we all can agree on is burning is just evil. If you think he has a right to die if he wants to then you also support euthanasia, which our society has deemed currently illegal, so you are at least in the minority. The real oddball about this is that euthanasia mainly argued for people who are going to die soon anyway, but it would save them suffering if we assisted them in dying now. Harold is healthy, so in this case, it would be like your buddy asking you to help him commit suicide because life has gotten really shitty for them. You can see it is more like this because one, he is thriving and two, he is able to be convinced that life is worth living even in his situation. People say he is being exploited but really, he is just surrounded by annoying fucks. They are not hurting him, they just annoy him with all the worshipping. Again, this is like saying you should help a celebrity commit suicide because they are tired of all the fans being constantly around them. Really the ethical decision is to do nothing and just convince herald to see things on the bright side and turn his situation into a good thing, which is what you can do if you alter him. Since that is not an option, then the best choice is the expansion, since at least it will help others rather than just alter Harold to be selfish. Also, people are more likely to fight over him if he is smaller than if there is plenty of land to go around.

  46. I say keep him alive, but improve his living conditions such as giving him a voice controlled assault-tron to work a radio for him, and encouraging people for all around the wasteland to come and tell him their stories of the world so that he wont feel so confined.

  47. I respect you Harold your a hero of the wasteland and bring back the oasis but you leave lonely for 200 years time for you to rest my friend

  48. I think it will be less contevertioal if Harrold was pregnant and ask you to abort the fetus

  49. I think the best thing you could do is convince the treeminders to listen to what he wants, give him the growty serum but also tend to his needs, bring him books and a radio, things like that

  50. Option 1-Kill Harold: Grants mercy to a person who has spent centuries in agony and now is stuck. He cant do it himself or he probably would. Yes it would hurt one little girl but she is young and can use the affection she felt for Harold to find someone else who can truly love her back.
    Option 2- Stop the growth: Community is more likely to stay small and hidden but eventually someone will come there. People know it exists and all it takes is one unscrupulous person to screw it up. Or worse, get everyone killed. Harold remains in eternal agony.
    Option 3- Enhance growth: Sure you cover the wasteland in trees in decades but at what cost? A person in pain becomes a resource which is no different than using a person to supply clean blood. Plus the growth will draw too much attention and again it will only take one person with delusions of grandeur to ruin everything. Harold continues to live in pain. Given time they could heal the land but trying force the growth could bring the end of their community.
    Conclusion- The dignity of a single person should never be sacrificed for the betterment of others against their will. Rest well Harold. May you find the peace you never knew.

  51. Were the guns used in this video modded weapons, dlc weapons or base game weapons?

  52. the best option is if harold was left alone to grow at a normal rate, telling the treeminders to leave him be mostly. if he wants to read or eat, he can if they give it to him. making him more happy if hes left alone without being yelled at.

  53. i was like 12 my first playthrough, couldnt kill the mirelurk king guarding his heart and then burned him lmao

  54. honestly? I cant say any of us really can say that for that situation, killing harold is the most just, considering they live in a dead world where life has been stunted for 200 years and everyone, even the most well off vault dweller, still lives in a state of rad poisoning and super mutants, the mindset that we have now in our cozy homes would be long dead, where even those that live in a war torn state still have an objectively great life in comparison to the mid tier prey that the humans of fallout find themselves in

  55. I think the fact that you can convince Harold after the fact that he is valued and needed is pretty relevant in this decision. There is also a quality of life argument. I believe that given Harolds reasonings, there are things that could be done to improve his quality of life, thus making him happier. It would be hard for me to kill Harold.

  56. I think the liniment is for sure better than the sap because if he can no longer grow then he only serves very few people and while he may be killed it may also save humanity

    Now for keeping him alive vs the liniment. In my opinion I think the liniment is the best option because you can tell him the people need him and he seems like he’s found happiness and realizes his importance helping everyone and Harold is still happy, while killing him puts him out his misery yes, it only helps him.

  57. That is wrong, Harold wanted to die because of boredom by growing Herald he would attract more people and that would relieve his boredom, you missed the whole reason why he wanted to kill himself he wasnt sick or anything he was bored so the best choice for Harold and everyone else is growing him

  58. Harold and Bob (the tree) are two separate entities right, so lets just cut harold from Bob. Then hell be able to move again and his depression about never being able to go anywhere is cured, bam happy ending.

  59. Despite the poor handling, this is one of those annoying problems.

    If you are an individualist, you will side with Harold. The right to life, if you value it, can not be interpreted as a mandate to live, or it is not freedom but slavery. Harold must have the right to choose to die, though he can not demand you commit the act.

    If you are a communalist, you will side with Laurel, because that option ultimately will be the best for both the wasteland, the treeminders, and the (living) Harold. The wasteland gains life. The treeminders cease to be a juicy target. Harold stops being so conspicuous.

    If you are an idiot, you will side with Birch, because that option deprives the wasteland of growth, it deprives the treeminders and Harold of real security.

    Of course, the issue is you cant convince Harold before hand, because I am convinced Harold could be easily convinced, and ultimately would regret his choice and the suffering it caused were he to be aware of it. His suffering seems largely resolvable. It seems to me that the main cause of Harolds suffering is, in fact, the treeminders, who, excepting Yew, refuse to treat him as a person, which has undoubtedly majorly contributed to his negative perception of his condition, as he clearly mentions he experiences happiness when talking to Yew, the only person who treats him like one as well.

    Thats the hardest part of this choice. You are unable to talk it out. Even if Harold ultimately maintained his desire, it would be a conclusion we were confident he had made considering the totality of the consequences. Harold must have the right die. I am an individualist. For the rights of one, the world may burn, but I am not a liker of bad writing, and shitty games that deprive you of the choices any normal human would make in those situations to enforce a trivialized caricatures of a complex moral dilemma.

    Perhaps the ideal solution would be to infiltrate the tree minders and organize a non-violent coup to replace the deranged cultish leadership with the more sane members of the community, though youd likely need to expand it since there seems to only be one adult in the cult that doesnt interpret Harold as some vague divinity.

  60. I have that weird feeling that Harold might return again in the next Fallout game, but as a ghoul cyborg

  61. I killed his heart I feel like that was the right choice you can tell he was suffering with all that tree coming out of him. Like yeah I get that he could be a very helpful part to the wasteland but at the end of the day I human bean suffering for with that much pain is not worth it and plus in my opinion there is other ways for the wasteland to grow for the better maybe like the republic of Dave nah fuck Dave 😂😂😂😂😂

  62. My reasoning for choosing the side of the tree mother was 1. I hadnt thought of people using the wood in years. 2. I hadnt considered it was his body. 3. He said he can partly see through the other plants, thats how he saw you coming. I figured him growing farther would let him meet more people and see more entertaining things in a year or so. Obviously now, yeah, I would kill them, its their choice I shouldnt force anything onto them. If I take that view when looking at the real debate of assisted death in Canada, I should take it on a game.

  63. Me and my dad have done almost every option for this quest. I don’t think we’ve ever burned him lol

  64. Why does Harold need to live if other trees are fully grown, can the other trees not grow seeds and spread?

  65. Call me a monster, but the fact hes conscious is proof of a brain inside that big arborian head.
    Where there is a brain, there is a frontal cortex.
    Id meet in the middle and just lobotomize him.
    Body and madula oblongata remains in-tact and thus the tree of life can continue to bloom, and in an otherwise braindead state, Harold cant suffer. Bob takes full control of the carcass and we can juice the bastard up to grow as fast as need be.
    The world is saved, the wasteland has a new greenery breed capable of terraforming the planet into livable earth again, and Harold is no longer in pain. harold is gone.
    Yew? fuck yew. the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
    if she cant make friends with anyone but a tree, then thats Yews problem that SHE needs to work on. this is the longevity of humanity were talking about.

  66. Isn’t it more selfish to deprive countless potential millions of creatures of the gift Harold has to offer?

    You’d take fruit, lumber, air, and canopies of green from them just because one person wants to kill themselves?

    Just get the tree finders in front of Harold and explain to them that Harold has needs for interesting conversation and should be respected as a intelligent being, he’s doing something great and it asks so much of him, the least you can do is read to him or talk to him about his interests.

    Isn’t that a better comprise?

  67. In the context of the limited game choices, youre right. In reality, the best possible outcome would be to convince Harold to willingly allow himself to be used for the betterment of the wasteland.

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